Under the stars

14th October 2020

Under the stars

With big open skies and limited light pollution, it is no secret that Cornwall has some of the best locations for stargazing; on a clear night, you can see thousands of stars twinkling above you.

Choose from coastal paths or the top of a tor – stargazing a great way to explore Cornwall! All you need are some friends, a torch, warm clothes, blankets, and a flask of hot chocolate. If you want to take stargazing to the next level, pack some binoculars and a camera and hopefully you’ll capture some memories to last a lifetime. For those not so keen on spontaneous adventures, there are plenty of stargazing events that take place across Cornwall, you can find these online at Go Stargazing or Dark Sky Discovery.

The longer you gaze, the more you’ll see; discover layer upon layer of stars, like lightbulbs some brighter than others. You’ll see flickers of colour from ice blue to orange; dictated by the temperature of the stars. Look out for the shooting ones…

Stay long enough and you might see movement and patterns. The International Space Station is frequently seen moving slowly across the sky, or download an app that will help you identify stars, planets and constellations, see if you can spot the Plough or the Bear?

One of our favourite spots is the Carnewas and Bedruthan Steps, located so rurally it benefits from very little light pollution, It has been awarded a Dark Sky Discovery Site for its location, sightlines and access; it’s also got Milky Way status, as on a clear night it’s visible to the naked eye.

Autumn and winter are great months for stargazing in Cornwall, so book your next adventure.

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