"How could we not?"

Knowing this piece needed to be written as an introduction to our sustainability journey for you, our loyal customers, I was trying to think how best to explain why we have embarked upon this journey. It’s such a huge, open discussion. Where to begin?

I stood looking out over the sea from our terrace, drinking my coffee, waiting for the writing inspiration to hit when I spotted their fins, the first sighting of the season. Dolphins! A pod of about thirteen travelling slowly along the coastline towards Fistral Beach. Once I’d stopped jumping up and down and my excitement calmed somewhat it came to me, the reason we care here at the Lodge. How could we not? It’s not only our responsibility and an integral part of our business goals, it’s also part of our personal being and core values.

It’s not just the natural beauty that surrounds us on all sides that is a constant reminder that we need to do our bit, it’s also our regular visitors and the heart-warming projects they themselves are involved in (more on that later) as well as our staff and their passion for environmental and social issues ever inspiring us. We are proud to be part of an incredible community here in Cornwall and we want to be proud of what we do here at the Lodge. We want to be more involved and make sure we’re having a positive impact, not just environmentally but socially and economically.


And so, our journey begins...

Well actually, it began long ago, it’s just not something we’ve been shouting about. But that’s about to change. We’ll be sharing with you our past and current projects and achievements, our research and findings and trials and tribulations as well as our goals. This isn’t about us bragging or preaching, it is us sharing and genuinely wanting to learn how we can help and we’re open to suggestions. We’ll be transparent in our efforts and hopes to not only have a neutral impact on our surroundings but a positive impact locally and globally. We will also be taking our sister company The Plume of Feathers along for the ride.

And just to put your minds at rest, this isn’t about you, our guests, going without. We won’t be getting rid of any of the good stuff. It’s about knowing we, as your hosts, are doing our best to offer you an experience you can enjoy with a clear conscience. So, come and say hello, order some delicious local fare, share your ideas with us, relax and enjoy the view…and don’t forget to keep an eye out for those fins.