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“Goodness, that’s so far!”

If you’ve been greeted with the same exclamation when planning your trip to Cornwall- we’ve been there. But although this part of the UK is more than a stone’s throw from your usual destinations, a common misconception is that it’s difficult to get to.

In this blog, we hope to prove that assumption wrong. Whether by car, bus, plane or even sleeper train, there’s a way to reach Cornwall for you, whatever your priorities. Read on for our guide to travelling to the Celtic coast.


The road most travelled…is sometimes the most reliable. Car journeys towards Cornwall are cause for a proper road trip, peppered with idyllic passenger seat views and all manners of curiosities along the way.

Most routes begin on the M5 and branch onto A roads as your trip continues, but the perk of reaching us by car is having flexibility to travel across Cornwall during your stay with us. Plus, both of our locations offer free onsite guest parking.


National Express offers coaches to Newquay from London, Gloucester, Reading, Taunton and Exeter, with prices starting at £24.40 from London. Travel takes around 7hrs, but does have overnight options, where you can sleep soundly in the knowledge you’ve taken the cheapest route to the South West.


Considering Cornwall is still within the shores of old Blighty, it might seem a waste of time to fly here. But when you consider that London is only 236 miles from Paris but 255 miles from Cornwall, you might reconsider your stance.

Cornwall Airport in Newquay (14 min drive to The Plume of Feathers) (20 min drive to The Lewinnick Lodge)

As it stands, the following airlines offer flights to Newquay from England and Ireland:

Flying from Manchester, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Aberdeen. Prices start at £61.

Flying from Glasgow and Manchester. Prices start at £22.99.

Flying from London and Edinburgh. Prices start at £14.99.

Eastern Airways
Flying from London Gatwick and Humberside.

Aer lingus
Flying from Dublin, Belfast and various states in the US. Prices start at £34.99.

This isn’t to forget our visitors from further afield: Cornwall’s surfing beaches and unique attractions have plenty of draw for visitors from Europe and beyond. If you’re an international flyer looking to visit us, the following airlines offer routes to Newquay:

Flying from Zurich

Flying from Jersey, Dusseldorf, Prague, Reykjavik, Rijeka, Tunisia or Zurich

Flying from Oslo, Copenhagen or Stockholm

Flying from the Isles of Scilly

Aurigny Airlines 
Flying from Guernsey

Newquay is such a popular destination we’ve recently even built a Spaceport to support inevitable future extraterrestrial tourism. But we hope this section has shown that you don’t have to aim for the stars to get to Cornwall. For earthlings, we’re only a passenger plane away.


We won’t mince our words: however you cut it, the train to Cornwall takes a long time. There are ways to alleviate the hours: you can complete some of your initial journey by car, visit friends and family along the way, or even split your trip up into an extended staycation around Britain. What you pay for in hours you’ll reap in views, your window a flickering picture book of diverse English countryside.

But there is another option to while away those hours. The Night Riviera Sleeper train is an overnight, direct train route from London Paddington all the way to Penzance on the South West coast. The lowest fare encompasses airline-style seating (perfectly passable for budget travellers) with options for a solo or twin berths divied up by gender or group.

Prices start at £50 per ticket, with supplementary charges for solo or twin berths. The website advertises prices starting at £45 for a single or £34 for a double, but through Trainline we found it cost an additional £90 for a solo berth or £60 for a twin on top of your ticket price. This isn’t too stark a contrast to flight prices, and for an environmentally-mindful traveller it may be worth the price of a clearer conscience.

Sleeper trains also promise a touch of adventurous luxury. Those who book a cabin gain access to the First Class lounge at Paddington and exclusive Night Riviera lounges at Penzance/Truro, open an hour before your departure.

The service runs from 11:45pm from London Paddington, boarding at 22:30 and arriving at St Austell at 06:43am or Truro at 07:01am, with slight changes to those times on Sundays.

We mention these stops are they are the closest stops to our sister accommodations: with Truro being a 1hr 30 train (or 31 min taxi) to the Lewinnick Lodge or 42 min train (or 20 min taxi) to The Plume of Feathers and St Austell being a 1hr 21 train (or a 30 min taxi) to Lewinnick Lodge and a 1hr 7 train (or 15 min taxi) to The Plume of Feathers. Intrepid visitors may want to start their day early in Saint Austell, following the recommendations in our Greenery Itinerary to visit the quaint village of Mevagissey and see the fishermen begin their day at dawn.

Another perk of the sleeper train is that it welcomes up to two cats, dogs or domestic pets to join you on board without a fee. Those staying in cabins will be charged a £30 for cleaning costs, but it’s a small price to pay to bring man’s best friend on the best walkies.

Who says it’s no fun getting to Cornwall?

Whether by car, bus, plane or train, there’s an option for every traveller: and no better place to stay than the Lodge or the Plume. If our thorough blog has left anything wanting feel free to get in our touch with our staff, who’ll be happy to advise you how to make the best of a stay in the South West.