29th August 2018

Recycling plant


When you leave the recycling plant feeling pretty buzzed you know it’s a good sign!

Our recycling company, H&A Recycling Ltd is a division of H&A Waste. H&A waste was originally set up by two local businessmen, Holmes and Alway. When Nat, our executive head chef and myself visited the recycling plant we met Richard, the son of founder Holmes. Richard explained the plant’s process and the end result.


All our waste gets sorted

All our waste (excluding glass, which goes to a different recycling plant) gets picked up by H&A and sorted (by hand!) at their site in Redruth. The items which can be recycled get sorted and packed into bales and sold on, where they then get processed and made into new products. A drinks can could be turned into a new product in as little as 6 weeks.

Anything that can’t be recycled gets sent to the energy recovery centre (also known as the incinerator) at St Dennis here in Cornwall. The items here get burnt at such high temperatures that their emission output is low and is mainly steam (I’m planning a visit to find out the facts first hand). The burning of our waste also produces enough electricity to power not only the plant but 21,000 local homes. Before the energy recovery centre was built, our non-recyclable waste was sent to a landfill site near Liskeard.


Landfilling due to cease in Cornwall

Landfilling is due to cease in Cornwall before December this year. How great is that?! The by-product, ash, also gets used in road building and construction processes. A great example of a circular economy.

The one thing we all need to address is to ensure our recyclable products are not contaminated with food waste. Something you should take care of at home also. We need to make sure jars, bottles etc are washed out before being placed in recycling bins and make sure any food waste goes into separate bins and not in with mixed recycling. If contaminated with food they can’t be recycled. The H&A team of course don’t have the time or facilities to wash everything that comes through their door so we have to do our part this end.


None of the waste from Lewinnick Lodge ends up in landfill

It was fantastic to be told that none of the waste we produce at Lewinnick Lodge ends up in landfill and the majority of the waste we put out does get recycled. That was such a relief to hear and explains the buzz I felt as we left the site! H&A have managed to meet their target to be landfill free which is a great achievement. I was also happy to know that we are supporting a small local business that employs 45 people. And Nat was just happy we didn’t see any rats!!