Meat-free Monday, anyone?

19th July 2018

Lewinnick Lodge Newquay restaurant sticky toffee pudding

More and more information is being opened up to us about the benefits of a vegetable based diet. Not just the obvious health benefits but also the benefits to the planet or, more accurately, avoiding the negative environmental effects of the large-scale farming industry such as deforestation, climate change, extreme water usage, soil degradation and spread of pollutants to name a few. The agricultural industry burns more fossil fuels and contributes to climatechange more than all of the planet’s transport usage combined.

Having said that, we are lucky here in Cornwall to have an abundance of small scale local farmers who we are able to purchase from. Purchasing locally means our carbon footprint is reduced and we know our meat is of a high quality and we are contributing to the local economy. We are also able to actively visit the farms to monitor sustainability practices as well as animal welfare standards, something I will be doing personally in the near future.

Because of the spread of environmental information, awareness is growing and we are conscious that more and more people are making mindful decisions when it comes to what they put on their plates, so we wanted to be able to offer our customers more options.

Developed by our passionate executive head chef Nat Tallents, the new menu is diverse and delicious as well as forward thinking.

“The new menu incorporates more vegan and vegetarian dishes than we’ve ever had on themenu including hearty main courses, a selection of starters and even a choice of desserts. The vegan sticky toffee pudding tastes amazing and is just as good, if not better, than anything madewith butter or eggs.”

I can personally vouch that this is 100% true!

We will also be offering a vegan cream tea with coconut cream, vegan mayonnaise as a condiment, delicious soy ice cream, vegan spread is also now available and of course milk alternatives for your hot drinks.

Although Nat prefers a vegan/vegetarian based diet at home, as part her job at the Lodge, Nat has to check for consistency so has to taste everything we offer on the menu.

“The process of writing a new menu is one of my favourite parts of the job as Executive Chefhere at the Lodge. It is also one of the most challenging menus to perfect as we have such a diverse selection of guests visiting us each day. Therefore the menu must be inclusive ofpeople’s changing attitudes and preferences as well as being interesting and incorporating those dishes that people have loved eating here for years” So meat eaters do not fear, you’ll still be able to order your favourite staples as well as some exciting monthly specials.

Nat loves the challenge but also notes that it’s made a lot easier with the abundance of lovely fresh ingredients available to us here in Cornwall.

“This summer’s menu is my favourite so far”

Incorporating vegan options into our menu wasn’t just a case of wanting to meet customers needs, although that is our main aim, it also helps us move closer towards reducing our environmental impact. So whether you are an avid vegan, vegetarian or just want to take part in meatless Mondays as a step towards being environmentally friendly, we have something for you on our exciting new menu.

And for those of you who love your surf and turf, we will be taking a closer look at our meat and seafood suppliers to ensure they meet our environmental and welfare standards, the results of which I will share with you here. But in the meantime, maybe our exciting new menu will inspire you to have a healthy meat free meal from time to time.