The Perfect Storm

20th November 2019

Crashing waves, scudding clouds, wind-blown clifftops – all the ingredients for the perfect storm.

The thrill of storm watching has long been a passion for many people and Cornwall provides a variety of locations from which to watch the drama unfolding.

Lizard Point is the most southerly tip of the UK and many a ship has crashed on the rocks there – hence the building of the lighthouse in the mid-18th century.

Penzance is well known for waves crashing up over the prom and the open air pool.

Some iconic shots have been taken at Portreath on the north coast of huge waves bursting over the end of the pier.

And in Newquay we have the famous Cribbar, also known as the Widow Maker, a reef off the Towan headland.

It’s popular with experienced big wave surfers from across the world who can face waves of more than 30ft.


When’s the best time to come?


Storm season in Cornwall is November to March, with December and January the peak months.

Always check the tide times to be sure you get a good show but don’t put yourself in danger.

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A good idea is to find a safe place, like a nice, warm café, bar or restaurant with great views, good food, a nice fire and a warming hot chocolate!

Here at Lewinnick Lodge we have uninterrupted views from the rooms and public areas.

And we currently have our winter warmers menu for you to try.

Why not enjoy storm watching, cosied up with hot spiced gin, mulled wine or a Bakewell white hot chocolate?

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If you’re braving the elements, make sure you have your camera, binoculars, wet weather gear, sturdy walking boots, your mobile phone and a flask of something warming.


So why are storms named?


Storms are named to make communication about them easier between countries, agencies and the public.

They are graded according to the danger they pose and once they hit the amber or red category, they get a name.

The letters Q, U, X, Y and Z are not used because they’re reserved for hurricanes.

Most recently, the UK was hit by Storm Hannah – names not used yet include Idris, Lily, Max, Ross, Tristan and Violet. And next season’s include Francis, Maura, Noah and Willow.


After the storm…


Of course, it’s exciting to watch a storm in full force but don’t forget the calm afterwards can reveal all kinds of treasures.

Take the opportunity to grab a rainbow photo, a moody sky shot or a picture of a beach littered with all kinds of driftwood, shells and pebbles.

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