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Join our reward club...

Reward club

...and you'll earn something back every time you visit us.

To thank you for your ongoing loyalty to us we want to reward you by giving a little something back to you.

By joining our Reward Club,  you’ll be able to earn points and take advantage of any exclusive offers that we have.

Our Winter offers start again on October 1st, for a limited period.

Until 31st January 2024), we’re rewarding you with:
-Buy 10 beers or wine and get one free

Alongside these, we’ll still have our usual offers, which are:
-Buy 10 coffees and get one free
-Earn two points for every £1 you spend on drinks in our restaurant or bar

To join our Reward Club, you’ll need a Reward Card, please ask your server for details next time you visit. Make sure you bring your card with you every time you visit us.

Each point is worth one pence so over time you can build up a credit to be able to treat yourself.

You can view the Reward Card Terms and Conditions here