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Our recommendations

Newquay is home to an abundance of unique, local businesses. We take pride in the community around us, and hope you can too. Explore our partners, who all offer exclusive opportunities and offers for guests at Lewinnick Lodge, and make the most of your stay with us.

Water and stone wild spa

Find balance, bravery, and calm with Water and stone spa.

A Nordic spa experience, Water and stone spa hosts wood-fired hot tubs, sauna, and ice baths for an immersive spa day like no other. Located at “The Hideaway” at C-Space in Newquay, the spa is open to the public Wednesday to Sunday.

With Towan beach just a walk away, dissolve those tensions with a sea swim morning followed by a hot tub afternoon.

Vara Wellbeing

Connect your mind, body, and spirit with Vara. Indulge in a couple’s massage for 2 with an ocean view, without leaving the comfort of your room. With the option to book an in-room treatment at Lewinnick Lodge, grab your robe, settle in, and allow the ‘Alchemist of touch’ to take care of the rest.

To book a treatment contact Janey by email at


Newquay Activity Centre

Can’t keep away from the ocean, or just looking for that next thrill-seeking experience?

Newquay Activity Centre brings over 30 years of industry leading experience for your next trip to the north Cornwall coast. With a purpose-designed centre in the heart of Newquay, safe storage for your belongings, lockers for valuables,  heated changing rooms and hot outdoor showers, this is the only place you need to master up your water-based activity skills.

Whether you’re a surfing pro looking to polish your style, or a beginner looking for a friendly face to get you started, the centre offers lessons in paddleboarding, surfing, and bodyboarding, as well as thrilling excursions. Try coasteering or kayaking, or even a super SUP experience.